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Eric Adams on Good Morning America

October 29, 2020

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Exclusive: In Letter to Biden, Borough President Eric Adams Outlines “An Urban Agenda”

January 22, 2021

When it comes to the new administration in Washington, Brooklyn Borough President and mayoral candidate Eric Adams is wasting no time getting to work.

Adams leads fundraising pack with $8.6M in battle fodder for mayoral campaign

January 13, 2021

Mayoral candidates are registering their fundraising efforts with current Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams was ahead with $8.6 million after funds are matched eight-to-one.

Eric Adams Releases 106 Ideas for the City’s Future

January 4, 2021

Eric Adams doesn’t just want to fix the problems created by the coronavirus pandemic but the historic inequities that have existed in the city long before it.

Brooklyn son Eric Adams is ‘blue collar’ mayoral candidate

December 10, 2020

“There’s nothing fancy about me,” he said. “I have calluses on my hands. I understand what everyday New Yorkers are going through…”

Eric Adams lays out proposal to speed up vaccine roll out

January 5, 2021

The Brooklyn borough president laid out a distribution plan to get New Yorkers vaccinated at a quicker pace...

Op-Ed: A Universal Internet Guarantee

December 18, 2020

The pandemic has shown us the importance of giving every public school student who needs one a laptop and affordable broadband in the home to eliminate the ‘homework gap’...

Adams Leads Rally Against Rising Gun Violence

December 26, 2020

“Map the shootings, the stabbings and the killings, and map the lack of resources,” Brooklyn Borough President and mayoral candidate Eric Adams told dozens of Bronx residents

Our Time Press Endorsement!

December 18, 2020

The city needs someone who has been in the trenches, with a history of fighting for New Yorkers every day and not just talking about it with an eye on the next election.

Eric’s vision for NYC

Next steps to save New York

August 14, 2020

Buried between bold-faced headlines about unemployment rates and our ongoing struggle against COVID-19...

Adams: Make Bold Changes for an Equitable Recovery

June 29, 2020

New Yorkers have spent most of 2020 enduring an unprecedented health crisis that threatens us physically and financially like never before.

Crime and policing

Eric Adams on the NYPD and the Protests: ‘You’re Not Really Trained on How to De-escalate’

May 31, 2020

Eric Adams, the Brooklyn borough president who’s thinking about running for mayor next year, spent 22 years in the NYPD before going into politics, retiring as a captain...

Why Eric Adams Thinks Brooklyn Is Seeing a Surge in Shootings

July 15, 2020

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams joined Errol Louis to discuss the alarming rise in shootings...

OP-ED: A Plain-spoken Approach to Plainclothes Policing Reform

July 24, 2020

In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, our city is facing yet another crisis: one of public safety. The trends are disturbing: Shooting incidents are up 69 percent this year to date...


OP-ED: Our village fails its children

October 24, 2020

A famous African proverb holds that it takes a village to raise a child. In the age of remote learning, we’re confronted with the question...

In a Remote Learning Reality, It’s Time to Answer the Bell for Equity

September 04, 2020

The City prudently delayed the reopening of schools this week, meaning all students will learn from home until at least September 21...

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